Parent Counseling in Asheville, NC

Are you struggling to deal with the challenges of parenthood? Are you and your partner having trouble agreeing on certain issues or parenting techniques? Or perhaps you're just not sure if what you're doing is the most effective or best approach.

Being a parent is often the source of our greatest joys, but it's certainly not a simple or easy task. Sometimes, even experienced parents can benefit from an outside perspective, especially since children keep moving into new stages and require constant adjustments in how you parent them. That's where Asheville Marriage Counseling  comes in.  As a therapist in Asheville, NC, Geoffrey Bullock, LCSW offers parent consultations and counseling to those looking for some additional guidance with their parenting.

Parenting in the 21st Century

Childhood today isn't what it was 20 years ago. Back then a child's experiences were largely limited to their neighborhood and school community. The much anticipated "big freedom" occurred when they finally got a driver's license and could expand their world. Now children literally have immediate access to the whole world in their pocket. Childhood is different... and parenting is different. Fortunately, the fundamental principles behind what works in parenting haven't changed; but what it takes to put them into practice certainly has.

Whether you're a first-time parent or have several children, it can be helpful to discuss your feelings and concerns with a professional like Geoffrey.  At Asheville Marriage Counseling, Geoffrey brings 40 years of counseling experience helping parents like you to find reliable solutions and improve their parent-child relationships. Although Geoffrey has experience working with parents and children of all ages, currently he works primarily with parent/child concerns involving children aged 10 and older. Over the past 15 years, Geoffrey has also had extensive experience working with adolescents facing challenges with attention deficits (ADHD) and Aspeger's Disorder (now referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder.)

If you could use some help as you navigate the complex waters of parenthood, call Geoffrey at Asheville Marriage Counseling in Asheville, NC and schedule a free consultation to discuss your parenting concerns. (Initial consultations are always with parents only)